Apple Released Date Speculation For The New iPhone 15

It’s never too early to start speculating about an iPhone 15 release date, even if we’re not too far from the release of the last Apple phone. This new year kicks off the annual guessing game about the exact date when Apple’s next latest will be released.

It’s normal to be curious about the launch of the iPhone 15. Even if you don’t intend to buy an Apple product, the new iPhone tends to rule the rest of the smartphone market. Everyone is interested to know what new features Apple has. And on a practical level, the iPhone release agenda can give us a glimpse of whether the global supply chain is progressing.

This year, the iPhone 15 introduces many new advantages. From a possible move to USB-C via Lightning and possibly the addition of a periscope style photo lens on some models, we’ve heard a lot about the industry’s reported plans for the iPhone 15, iPhone 15 Pro and most likely the iPhone 15 Ultra.

iPhone 15 release date? That, we haven’t heard much about it, although some of the first rumors about Apple’s plans have started to emerge. We expect more as we get closer to a possible launch date. But we don’t have to wait for rumors to surface to start speculating about the iPhone 15 launch date. Apple has enough track record of launching phones that we can make an educated guess about the range of iPhone 15 arrivals. We can then adjust those expectations as more release date rumors abound. that appear all year round. Here are our current best guesses about the iPhone 15 release date, based on Apple’s recent iPhone launches.

iPhone 15 release date: When the previous Apple was launched

This will be the 17th year Apple has released a smartphone, so we have a long history to draw from in determining when the new iPhone 15 releases. During 2007, Apple previewed the original iPhone in January ahead of the feature’s launch in June. But in 2014, Apple’s release window shifted, as the iPhone started coming out in the fall. (An exception, of course, was the iPhone SE model, which saw spring releases for all three iterations.)

Here’s a look at the last 8 years of flagship iPhone launches, since the debut of the iPhone 6s series in 2015. Not only are Apple’s launch dates for iPhone announcements, we’ve also included their actual release dates. it’s a major comparison because sometimes Apple staggers its iPhone launches.

As you can see, one month in particular seems to be Apple’s favorite for announcing its new phones. Except for 2020, the year that was affected by the Covid-19 pandemic, Apple announced the latest iPhone in September. And not just randomly in September– those iPhone announcements all come within the first 2 weeks of each month.

There’s also a launch date, there’s also a visible pattern to it. Apple tends to ship its phones 10 days after announcing them, although there are some exceptions. Occasionally, Apple surprises the launch of certain models such as the iPhone XR in 2018 and the iPhone X the year before. Typically, staggered launches reflect supply issues with a particular model—something that could also be a problem in 2023.

iPhone 15 release date: What the rumors claim

At the start of the new year we have got our first rumored iPhone 15 release date. Jeff Pu, analyst for Haitong International, said sources in Apple’s supply chain point to the September 23 release of the iPhone 15. That falls on a Saturday this year, and Apple’s phones usually hit retail shelves on Fridays. Adjusting to time zones, it’s possible that Apple is aiming for September 22 as the sales day for its new phones.

iPhone 15 release date: What date to expect Apple launched

With only one rumored iPhone 15 release date, we had to take the guesswork out of it. And that means making assumptions that Apple’s past performance provides clues about its future plans.

In other words, given Apple’s preference for a September launch, we anticipate the iPhone 15 announcement to occur near the first 2 weeks of September 2023. It will likely hold a launch event from Monday, September 4 to Thursday, September 14.

There are 2 things to remember. First, if it may be, Apple is holding its product announcements on Tuesday. Second, Monday, September 4 is the Labor Day holiday in the US. Maybe Apple wants to avoid Tuesday, September 5th, because it’s coming off a three-day weekend.

September 12, as the most likely day for the iPhone 15 event, assuming Apple sticks with the early September window and exercises its preference for a Tuesday launch. We didn’t say that would be the date, but it gave us a window to work on.

If our guess is correct and Apple maintains its habit of releasing phones. Which is 10 days after the launch event, it will be September 22nd. That would be consistent with the timing put forward by analyst Jeff Pu.

Of note as 2023 rolls around is activity in China, where most of the iPhone manufacturing and assembly work ends. Towards the end of 2022, Covid restrictions as well as worker protests disrupted production at Foxconn China. Because Foxconn is Apple’s main production partner, it has an impact on the supply of iPhone 14.

Foxconn said in December that it was in the process of restoring production capacity. And because we’re still a long way from starting production on the iPhone 15, there’s no impact yet on 2023 phones. But it’s a situation that could flare up again, impacting plans for the iPhone 15 launch. However, there is a bit of a wrinkle now. Trial production has reportedly started for the iPhone 15 lineup and started a month earlier than usual this year. This seems to be due to Apple’s mass production plans in India and China. Rather than indications that we’ll see an iPhone earlier than usual, but we can’t rule that out for sure. However, we hope this change in progress for Apple won’t significantly impact the iPhone 15 release date at this time.

On a slightly different note, some rumors predict a new iPhone model, dubbed the iPhone 15 Ultra. Like the Apple Watch Ultra. This will be a high-end version of Apple’s smartphone made in smaller numbers than the standard iPhone 15 and iPhone 15 Pro models. If so, we could see a staggered launch, similar to what Apple has tried with special models in the past.

Coinciding with the iPhone 15 launch: Outlook

We can’t stress that it’s still early days for iPhone 15 rumors. Which means any claims about coinciding with the iPhone 15 launch could change. Just plan for a new iPhone that might come in the fall. With a more certain date coming at the end of the year.