Causes of Inflated HP Battery and How to Fix it

The battery is an important part of a cellphone or smartphone. As a power storage medium, of course its existence is so vital, especially if the majority of our work is done on a mobile basis, so sometimes it is far from access to power outlets.

Yes, although at this time it can be solved using Powerbank, but charging using a charger is still considered the best way if you want the battery to last longer or last longer.

Talking about battery problems, of course it cannot be separated from all the problems. One of the most common and probably currently experiencing is the battery bulging from its normal size.

An inflated battery can be interpreted as a decrease in the quality of the battery in terms of its ability to store power or it can also be called a leaky battery. The symptom that often occurs is that the cellphone or smartphone will often drop even though it has just been charged.

Cause of Bloated Battery

Over Charging

It has become a habit when we are charging our cellphone where the duration exceeds normal time. Usually because of forgetfulness or being left sleeping at night and just removing the charger in the morning.

Such habits can shorten the life of the battery, the reason is because when the battery is over charging it can result in an increase in the heat inside the battery. This hot temperature forms a gas that can bloat the battery.

Charging the battery late

Another habit that we often do is wait for the battery to completely run out before charging. Batteries that run out (Voltage) tend to require more power during the charging process and result in a drastic increase in heat.

Not Original Charger

Did you know that every Smartphone has a different voltage? Starting from this reason why the use of chargers that are not original is not recommended.

It could be that the voltage is different compared to the original charger which has passed the appropriate standardization.
How to Overcome Bloated Battery

There have been lots of articles that discuss how to flush a bloated battery both from website articles and from Youtube. And from these two sources one of the most popular ways is to put the battery in the freezer / refrigerator.

I don’t know where the theory comes from or at least has a clear source and is recognized by battery experts, for example. Because from personal experience this method has proven unsuccessful and the battery remains in the same state (inflated).

There is another method that is classified as extreme, namely punching or stabbing the bloated part. Again – again this method does not make sense, won’t it only physically damage the battery not to mention other negative impacts such as the release of chemicals in the battery.

In my opinion, an inflated battery cannot be repaired, even if the two methods above are successful, it will not change the fact that your battery is currently deteriorating.
But if you insist on trying the tips above, please especially in the first way, which is to put the battery in the freezer. Who knows, you succeed from the many experiments.

My advice is that it’s better to buy a new one, but you must buy the original one. Even though the price is quite expensive than the KW one, at least it can make the cellphone more durable and durable than having to go back and forth to buy a new one.