How to Strengthen Wifi Signal on a Laptop

Strengthening the Wifi signal is an activity that laptop users often do, especially for those of you who study or work from home. You see, the need for wireless fidelity (Wifi) is one of the main requirements to continue to be productive and connected to the internet.

Now it’s easy to find hotspots that provide internet services for free or paid. Unfortunately, sometimes we have to know how to strengthen the because not all hotspots have a good internet network.

A smooth internet connection can support work or productivity. For that, you can do several ways to strengthen the signal on the laptop from Acer below.

wifi signal

Choose the Latest Wifi Technology

Strengthening the Wifi signal that is quite effective is to replace the wireless card on your laptop or PC with the latest technology. Now, there are five types of technology available, namely Wireless A, B, G, N, and AC.

Wireless A, B, and G technologies are old technologies with slow speeds. Meanwhile, Wireless N and AC are cutting-edge technologies that are faster.

Apart from that, you also need to use a router with good quality.

Choose the Right Position

Choosing the right place is an option to strengthen the Wifi signal on a laptop, especially for those of you who want to take advantage of hotspots in public places. This is because the Wifi signal uses air as its propagation medium. The obstructions, the better the fewer signals you get.

You can choose a place close to the router to strengthen the laptop’s Wifi signal for the better. Make sure, between your device and the router there are no obstructions, such as thick walls or other solid objects that can block the signal.

Keep Laptops Away from Other Electronic Devices

In addition to the router’s position that determines the signal, other electronic devices around you can also interfere with the quality. Such as devices that use bluetooth or microwave.

To overcome this, you can keep these various electronic devices away from the router. You can also strengthen the Wifi signal with a dual band router so that the frequency is easy to move.

Select an Empty Wifi Channel or Few Users

For those of you who frequently use hotspots in public places like cafes where there are lots of people, the problem you face is usually a matter of decreasing Wifi signal speed. The reason could be because of you

Therefore, you can overcome this by being on the same channel as the router that many people use. To fix this, choose an empty Wifi channel or one with few users to avoid signal interference. You can use the inSSIDer app to do this trick.

Use Wifi Repeaters

Wifi repeater is a tool to capture, then retransmit it with a stronger signal. This tool is also commonly called a signal booster which is effectively placed in areas with poor Wifi signal reception.

Control bandwidth consuming applications

So, these tips on strengthening the Wifi signal are for those of you who have router access, aka the admin of the Wifi channel. If in your place many people use a Wifi connection, it certainly affects the signal quality. Activities such as watching streaming videos, online games, or downloading Torrents files, are some of the reasons for slow connections.

In this way you can prioritize a service over other services so that excessive bandwidth usage does not occur.