Make Your Smartphone Not Slow Anymore

Slow smartphones really make emotions. Especially if there are many jobs that cannot be handled without using a smartphone. Therefore, strategies and methods for dealing with slow smartphone must be correct and appropriate. If not, then the performance of your smartphone will not work optimally.

Not spending a lot of time, you can do some of the tricks for dealing with a slow smartphone below yourself at home. Before reviewing it, Qoala has summarized some of the points that cause the slowness of this smartphone below.

Why are Smartphone Slow?

There are several reasons that make the smartphone quite heavy to use. These triggers are intertwined due to internal as well as external aspects of the phone. What are the main aspects of smartphone slowdown that often occur? Here’s the full discussion.

1. Full Internal Memory

Phones that have full internal memory tend to run slower. This is due to the very large load on it, which makes the smartphone’s performance shrink. One way to deal with slow smartphone because of this is to use external memory outside the smartphone.

External memory will help back up data for images, media, or others. Like a guest room in a house, external memory can accommodate several important modules and materials without compromising the main purpose of storage. You can also transfer image data from your smartphone to a laptop or other media, so that it reduces the performance of your smartphone to make it lighter.

2. The Storage Capacity is not Enough

Too much application will also reduce the speed of the smartphone. Instead, adjust the default mobile application that is not used so as not to increase its performance weight. The fewer applications that are used, the lighter your smartphone is to access many things.

Applications that are activated but not used will accumulate and suck up internal memory. This will make the smartphone continue to be slow and slow to move. Therefore, you have to be wise enough to choose the main application that you want to embed on your smartphone so that it doesn’t reduce its performance.

3. Battery Performance Decreased

In general, smartphone will be at their maximum after 2-3 years of use. The battery will heat up faster, and the performance will decrease. This can be caused by a very long charging process or waiting for the battery to run out completely and then recharge it.

The way to deal with a slow and hot smartphone because it has been used for a long time is to make sure that you just rest the smartphone. Recharge it when the battery figure displays 25%. Especially for smartphone users who are used in olshop. Make sure the performance is pretty good so you can serve customers optimally, OK?

4. RAM & Flash Storage Memory

RAM and Flash Storage Memory will also experience a decrease along with the duration of smartphone consumption. It’s better not to use and open heavy applications if your smartphone’s RAM capacity is quite small. The degradation of RAM and Flash Storage Memory will greatly affect the access speed of your smartphone.

It’s a good idea to choose a smartphone with RAM that meets your needs. If it is used for olshop, choose a large RAM so that it is more spacious to accommodate photos and supporting applications. If it’s only used for personal use and not work-related, you can use a smartphone with small RAM, so it doesn’t require a large amount of space for storage.

5. Inappropriate Installed Surgical System

Paying attention to the operating system needed is one way to deal with slow smartphone after being upgraded. No need to download games that you never play. Optimize performance according to capacity and needs only. Thus, your smartphone will be far from slow and slow when used.

Tips to reduce slowness and heat on your smartphone

1. Note the Memory Capacity

The Xiaomi brand smartphone is listed as one of the most resilient smartphone. However, if the memory capacity is not directly proportional to the RAM, then the smartphone will also lag. The way to deal with a slow Xiaomi smartphone that is easy to try is to keep an eye on usage. If you do this, of course the access speed will be better.

If the information you have is already crowded in storage, empty it immediately and move it to a larger container. This will minimize the possibility of slowing down your smartphone because the space capacity has been enlarged, so that the smartphone can ‘breathe’ better and not be slow.

2. Use One Antivirus Application on Smartphone

Samsung smartphone are one of the gadgets that provide many default applications in it. This leads to the slowness of the smartphone when used.

One way to deal with a slow Samsung smartphone is to activate an antivirus application. This is necessary to prevent various malware that can enter from the features that are accessed. There is no need to download many antivirus applications if you only want to increase the access burden on your favorite Samsung smartphone.

3. Always Update applications

Applications in the application will always receive updates. Not just one or 2 applications, almost all access will do the same thing. This is meant to make it easier for you to get the latest data over the downloaded applications.

Do you like playing games on your cell phone? Online-based game applications will really eat up RAM and memory. It’s no wonder that when playing it, the smartphone usually hangs easily. The way to deal with a slow smartphone when playing games is to update the application for these applications and games.

You can check in the Settings – About – System Updates section, then select Check for Updates. This also applies to games that you download on your smartphone. The update will make it easier for the smartphone to move freely because the reset system is more updated.

4. Delete application smartphone that are not used frequently

Various application options in the Play Store will be interesting to use. This thing might make you crazy to install it, while it’s not in use. Too many applications don’t mean to make the smartphone hang more easily. One way to deal with a slow smartphone that can be a solution is to delete applications that are not used frequently.

5. Run Clear Cache Periodically

Just like a house that feels claustrophobic because of lots of things, cell phones are the same way. One of the tips for cooling the house from many objects is to move them to another, wider area. This also applies to cell phones.

Instead, get rid of the cache which is like a temporary object to a place that you don’t want to see again. Clear cache periodically, every few hours. This will relieve the slow smartphone energy caused by this many ‘things’ are accommodated. This could be one of the ways to deal with slow and slow smartphone to operate.

What’s the trick? You can enter the Settings – Apps – All menu, after that look for the application you want to clean, click Clear Cache. In addition to this method, you can clean it by entering Menu Settings – Storage – Cached Information, then selecting OK when a pop up appears.

6. Use Versatile Applications

To deal with smartphone that are starting to decrease in performance, you can use versatile applications. If an antivirus will help you identify malware, it’s different from a versatile application that will help you find out the cause of a slow smartphone. The 2 applications that will help you are the App2SD and Clean Master applications. The following is a detailed description.

a. Apps2SD application

You can use this one application as a way to deal with slow smartphone when your smartphone is not rooted. From this one application you will get several benefits at once such as optimizing SD Card partitions, being able to backup applications, getting application links to memory cards, and much more.

b. CleanMaster

This application will be useful for overcoming the slow use of smartphone when they are not rooted. The clean master will help clean up the ‘junk’ of the smartphone better. You can click on this application regularly and orderly. Not only that, Clean Master will be useful for detecting and relieving hot temperatures on smartphone, so it is very suitable for you to use as a multipurpose application.

7. Auto Kill Feature

The more applications that are opened, of course the recent ones on the smartphone will also pile up. Often use the auto-kill feature to cut applications that have not been used for a long time. This could be one way to deal with a slow smartphone. Not only that, the auto-kill feature will also help stop the speed of applications behind your smartphone screen that cause slowness.

8. Reducing Widgets

Display widgets really want to make the phone look more beautiful. However, widgets take up a lot of space and capacity on the phone. This will make the phone slower than usual. One way to deal with slow and hot smartphone because of widgets is to reduce their use.

9. Reduce or Turn Off Animations on Smartphone

Not only widgets, moving animations will also take up quite a lot of memory. For that, reduce or turn off the animation system on your smartphone if you want to make maximum use of it. Moving animation will also take a large space for its operation.

Furthermore, the smartphone battery will also run out more quickly because it is sucked in energy for applications that use animation. Not only does it reduce performance, actually animation on Android is also not very useful to use, so its use can be reduced for an easier system.

10. Stopping Unused Applications

Applications that run behind the smartphone screen are one of the causes of slow smartphone when used. Therefore, stop unused applications when using the smartphone so that the performance is faster. This will prevent mobile phones from hanging and lagging easily.

Some of the applications that have been set are located on the smartphone, aka the smartphone default. If this is the problem, just disable unnecessary applications. If you really don’t need it, delete some applications that will make your smartphone’s performance worse.

11. Regularly Sterilize Cache Partition

Although both are related to ‘garbage’, cache information and cache partition are 2 different things. One way to deal with slow smartphone is not only deleting cache information, you also need to clear the cache partition. Usually, the cache partition is used to store all the processes that the system is currently running.

Your smartphone will slow down easily because of the large amount of cache that has accumulated in the background. Not infrequently it will make the smartphone hot quickly when used. Complete the cleaning by entering Recovery Mode, then click Wipe Cache Partition.

12. Turn off Auto-Sync

Basically, to always connect all accounts that have been installed, you need the Auto-Sync feature. However, this makes the phone slower. Turning it off is a quick way to always ensure smartphone access. You can reactivate this application when you need it later.

The trick is, you can enter the Settings – My Apps application, after that the selection turns off auto-sync. Thus you will not receive update notifications overlapping applications that require automatic auto-sync.

13. Use Another Launcher Application

Android is a type of smartphone that has convenience for the customization process. If you feel bored with the default launcher, then you can use the launcher application outside your smartphone. There are many launcher options that you can use as one of the tricks and ways to deal with a slow smartphone.

Apart from refreshing the look, the launcher will not make the smartphone performance worse. Launchers from outside also won’t take up a lot of memory, in fact it will help, because when activated, it will automatically deactivate the default launcher.

14. Use Paid Applications

Using a free application certainly won’t hurt, because you don’t need to make money. The risk is that game applications or the like that can be directly installed will be distracted by advertising promotions and the like. This will make your smartphone slower and slower to use.

The solution and how to deal with slow smartphone because of free products is to use paid applications. You have nothing to lose by downloading multiple apps and then saving them. Use Root Explorer and enter the Information folder. So, if you change smartphone and want to use the application, you can immediately install it on the new smartphone.

15. Use Custom ROMs

Rooting a smartphone doesn’t necessarily make it faster. You can use a custom ROM to get rid of the bloatware that comes with your smartphone. You can do a study first to make sure the ROM is suitable for the type of smartphone.

16. Do a Factory Reset

Factory reset is the final way to restore your smartphone’s performance speed. Returning to the initial settings by justifying the data means that it has been transferred can be a solution. With this method, it is determined that your smartphone will be lighter because it has been returned to Factory Settings.

Make sure you are more sensitive and attentive to the smartphone you are using. This will not only affect performance, but also the level of space relief available. If you use a lot of applications, then don’t choose a smartphone that has very little RAM. On the other hand, if you use large RAM, make sure the contents and information in it do not exceed the capacity to receive information.

You can try the guides and methods for dealing with a slow smartphone above according to the problem on your smartphone. If in one year consumption has experienced a lot of performance decline, then it needs to be checked again. Internal aspects that dominate capacity and external aspects related to applications can be conditioned so that the smartphone is always at its best when used.