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We can illustrate this point by taking an example of development of easy tools from wood and stone, similarly discovery of fireplace to provide warmth and light had been the first steps to pave the trail of know-how. In this age, man made a progress by making stronger instruments from metallic corresponding to a wheel was found in that age. The Iron Age noticed much more development and development the place the manmade use tougher metals as an alternative of assume copper or tin. It was in Iron Age when man discovered the artwork of smelting iron and separating it from the ore. Many weapons have been made together with other tools, improved transportation system, manufacturing that are the part of technological growth of that age. You can find plenty of definitions for know-how expressing the same thing in so many various ways. Technology is a scientific knowledge which is used in practical ways in industry.

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Another definition is, “an application of scientific data to commerce and business. For many people, technology is the name of thing like computers, cell phones, tv, laptop games, play stations, spaceships, advanced military equipments, digital video players and different related machines or objects. Perhaps, the science fiction books, films, news articles, stories and even use of vehicles, computers and so on are the most important sources from where individuals get an perception of the time period know-how. Computer methods analysts … Read More