Tips For Choosing A Gadget Or Smartphone That You Should Pay Attention To

The development of the world of technology today is indeed very fast and will continue to advance, this is because more and more manufacturers are competing to create new technologies and new ideas. For example, with the large number of large gadget or smartphone manufacturers now we cannot count on our fingers anymore, it is inversely proportional to a few years ago which only a few large manufacturers could count on our fingers. Just imagine that in a few years there will be more new manufacturers in technological development, especially smartphones.

This certainly has an impact on us as consumers, because we will be increasingly confused about which one is suitable for us to use, so you have to be careful in choosing so you don’t regret using it for a while and want to replace it again, in the end it will have an impact on our finances.

In the article Tips for choosing a gadget or smartphone that you should pay attention to, I will share tips for you, hopefully it can be useful for you.
What you should pay attention to:

  1. Determine the use first.
    The point here is whether for Business, Games, Trends, etc.
  2. Estimate your budget.
    If you have determined the use then you can estimate the buget, because if you make a game it usually requires large specifications which of course have an impact on the budget. Businesses don’t need big specifications.
  3. What operating system will you choose.
    Each smartphone operating system is different, so choose according to your usage if you are looking for an OS that has lots of games, what’s more, hehee, if for business, pay attention to safety.
  4. Review the brands on the Internet
    With a review you can find out the specifications and prices in order to match your budget.
  5. Determine the shape or model
    We usually consider this one from the shape, color, size, etc. if you only look at the price but the shape you don’t like is guaranteed not to last long because you get tired of using it very quickly.
  6. Pay attention to the specifications
    • Memory and storage
    Pay attention to the amount of RAM memory and storage space so you don’t regret it later. pay attention to internal storage space, Maxs External, system storage. because this is related to the number of applications that can be installed on the smartphone.
    • Processor
    Pay attention to the large processor, usually written in Ghz, for example 1.00 Ghz, the bigger the perosessor the faster the performance of a smartphone.
    • Battery Capacity
    Take a look at the battery used in your chosen device. The greater the battery capacity used, the smartphone you choose will take longer to use. Try to look for those above 2500 mAh. it will be troublesome if you have to charge it intermittently.
    • Camera
    Pay attention to the camera that is installed how much MP is both the front and rear cameras, if you make Trends like taking selfies, make sure the camera is at least 8MP and the front is 2MP.
    • Network Connection
    Try to at least have a 3G network so that you won’t be slow to surf later.
    • Screen resolution
    Pay attention to the size of the screen resolution that is right for you, whether it is too big or too small. if you want a large screen then look for above 5 inches and vice versa.
  7. Notice if there are periodic software updates from the manufacturer that we choose.
    This is to ensure that manufacturers will not run away if there are problems with the Gadget you buy, such as bugs, errors, etc.
  8. Buy at trusted stores to avoid Counterfeit goods.
    You know yourself that now there are many replicas, so you must be careful.

That’s enough articles that I can make regarding Tips for choosing a Gadget or Smartphone that You Should Pay Attention to. Hopefully the information I created can help you in choosing an Android Gadget that you want.