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(And, if the product fails, won’t ever be points at all.) If a product does reach the market and demand takes off, then there’s little time to think about growing new or improved process technology. The aim at this stage is to supply as a lot as you’ll be able to as quick as you’ll be able to.

One drug firm had just come to this realization when we studied it. But managers inside the course of-growth group admitted that the time required to develop process technologies and to arrange factories for production usually added a year to product-growth lead instances. Much to our surprise, we found managers with that angle not solely at established drug companies but also at young biotech companies. We have witnessed the identical phenomenon in a variety of other high-tech industries. Because successful products commanded significant price premiums and since manufacturing prices were small relative to revenues, executives did not view, nurture, and manage manufacturing technologies as a strategic functionality. In fact, it isn’t solely attainable to excel at simultaneously creating new products and new manufacturing processes but additionally needed.

Although particular practices in prescribed drugs may be distinctive to the trade, comparable patterns of behavior arise in different industries. There is a pure tendency to postpone dealing with course of expertise and manufacturing points, which seem issues far off sooner or later.

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high tech products

In rapidly changing markets (such as high-efficiency workstations, flat panel shows, and semiconductors), such a conservative approach is not viable. To gain even a short lived edge in product efficiency or performance, firms should work on the frontiers of know-how and, in industries such as biotechnology or advanced materials, at the frontiers of science. For some kinds of technologies, this imperative creates significant challenges and uncertainty for process development and manufacturing. The costs of creating and implementing new course of technologies often approach and sometimes greatly exceed the costs of product development. In many extra situations than is usually imagined, the development of manufacturing know-how closely influences new product introductions.

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Adding bodily capacity and finding outsourcing partners turn into expedient methods. If the product can’t be imitated simply by opponents and its worth to the client is excessive, margins may be high sufficient for such a strategy to work. Like their counterparts in high-tech industries, managers in relatively mature industries often fail to spot how course of-improvement capabilities might help them differentiate their products. Especially if their corporations make client products, they look to marketing to differentiate their products and to course of improvement to seek out methods to lower production costs and enhance high quality and reliability. It was as soon as thought that a key to profitable product improvement was to separate invention from improvement; that is, an organization should use only proven applied sciences in its new product improvement.